Monday, May 10, 2010

April has Come and Gone

April was full of many celebrations and I am so excited that with all the busy-ness of life that we took the time to recognize and celebrate what the Lord has given us. This is just a small glimpse of some of our time in April:
Wes and I were able to go to Banff for 2 nights and stay in our own little cottage (with a REAL wood burning fire place!! One of my favorite things.) We ate out and were able to enjoy our food, we "relaxed" in our cottage and read, we enjoyed the real fire in our fireplace, we shopped around town, we enjoyed the outdoors - God's marvellous creation and we enjoyed our time focusing mostly on each other. We are so thankful to both of our parents for lovin' on our kids.

We celebrated Wes' 32nd birthday with cupcakes from Baby Cakes cupcakery here in Red Deer. Yummy Brown Sugar Mama cupcake...not cake but BROWNIE! Addison was so stinkin' excited to give Dad a "Slap Chop."

On April 29 Asher turned 3 years old :)

This little guy often brings a smile to our face and we can often hearing Dad say "he is so cute." His speech is really coming along well and the other day when we were coming home in the van he said "no Mom, I want to go shopping." A boy after his mom's own heart I tell ya!

Asher was very excited about his Thomas cupcakes and he brings us such delight in the unique person that he is. God's blessing on you our sweet littlest boy!