Thursday, January 27, 2011

One Little Word

One little word.
"State of delight and well being that results from knowing and serving God."
Synonymous words:  happiness, pleasure, delight, gladness, merriment, felicity, and enjoyment.
Word JOY is found over 150 times in the bible.
Joy is the fruit of a right relation with God.  It is not something people can create by their own efforts.
Joy differs from pleasure :  the Bible warns that self-indulgent pleasure seeking does not lead to happiness and fulfillment.  "Even in laughter a heart may be sad" (HCSB) Proverbs 14:13

This one little word, my word - JOY- is the focus of this year of 2011.  I want this fruit to be grown in me so that every situation I come across I am able to find and reflect this and enjoy all that God has given me.  I know that as I walk with the Lord everyday, troubles will come.  I want to rejoice even in the troubled times and most definitely in the good times.  I want my heart, not only my exterior self, to be filled and overflowing with an abundance of joy.  That is why this is my word, for this whole year.  I love it.

Wes and I challenged our Life Group to also choose a "word" that they can each focus on this year.  We are excited to walk in this together and I love how these friends are so willing to share their lives with us.  I find joy in the "realness" of friends and our Sunday evening get-togethers.  As I learn and grow more in my JOY I will share that with you - I encourage you to choose a word and document it too.  Check out my friend Emma and her word too!

We are missing 3 friends from our photo that night...and a whole lotta kids who were playing downstairs.  Thanks to our oldest son Aidan for acting as photographer so Mom could be in the photo too :)

Saturday, January 22, 2011


I am stinkin' excited and I have to share with you...or anyone who will listen (or read) really.  My loving husband is at hockey, all the kids are I must share with you....


I put an "overlay" on my photo...and it worked!!  I downloaded these date digital overlays a few days ago and was so excited to place them on my photos for my Project Life project I told you about.  I found a vimeo movie on how to load the "brushes" I had purchased into Photoshop and could not figure out how to rotate the overlay.  I wrote to 2 people asking them for as if these designers have time to answer every little question they get...but I was hoping.  So 2 or 3 days now and I haven't heard anything.  I have been feeling disappointed.  I came upstairs to my computer because Wes is at hockey, and thought "why don't I try it in Photoshop Elements instead of CS4?  (CS4 intimidates the pants off of me).  So, I did it...I loaded the brushes, AND I figured out how to rotate the photo, then apply the overlay and rotate the photo back.  I don't know if this is the most efficient way to do it...but the point is....I FIGURED IT OUT!!!  You have no idea what a remarkable moment this is for me and my history with Photoshop.  

Don't you love the photo of the little guys playing Spiderman Memory cards??  THAT one photo gives you a little glimpse into how excited they both get EVERY SINGLE TIME they find a match!!  Cutie pies!

Thanks for sharing in my excitement...going to "overlay" more photos tomorrow so I can get them uploaded and developed at Costco.  I can then catch up on my Project Life!!

Nighty night!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Life Documentation Simplified!

I am lovin' lovin' lovin' Project Life...want to know what it is?

In the words of Becky Higgins, the creator:

Project Life simplifies how you document life and preserve memories. Simply pair your photos and journaling with the striking, pre-designed components from the kit and you'll end up with a stylish masterpiece that represents your life or whatever occasion you choose to record.

Above is  a photo of my first week completed in the album.  Photos and honestly took me 30 minutes to round the corners of the photos and write on the journalling cards.  When this week's layout was done I was left feeling like I wanted to do more...and wanted the next week go go faster so that I had more photos to put in.  I LOVE the simplicity of feels like I have something done, it feels like some of our life was recorded.  Aidan keeps coming upstairs to my new "office" and picking it up to see what more I have love looking at themselves in photos...I believe it honestly makes them feel special to see them in your work (or at least I have seen this over and over with our oldest son Aidan who is 11).  This project is about recording our everyday life, showing our praise and answers to many things we could write about.  And that is another great thing....every member of our family can be involved in this wonderful project.  One can really customize it to whatever they want to record....I am so stinkin' excited about this...let me know if you want to join with me on this little project adventure....I will keep you posted as the project progresses!

Monday, January 17, 2011

For Today...

For Today (January, 17, 2010)

Outside my window...I see dark, smoke coming out of the chimney of the house across the street, street lights making our neighborhood glow on this wintery evening

I am thinking...I am tired and want to crawl into is 9:30pm and everyone in the house is asleep.  I rarely get to enjoy THIS kind of quiet where the noisiest thing is the hummm of the lap top and clicking of the keys as I type...

I am thankful for...a new prayer partner, baby Israelle, my health, being asked to do a presentation on Faithbooking to the ladies at Friendship Factor on Wednesday morning, the desire to read my bible and actually understand it, that my faith keeps growing even when I least expect something to apply to me

From the kitchen...YUMMY apple glazed ham and southwestern quinoa we had for supper...tried out a new coconut banana bread recipe today but it was half glad my big boys like raw baking :)

I am wearing...COZY TOZ (love love love these socks), ripped jeans, pink lulu hoodie...

I am creating...working on "Project Life" and lovin' that so much!  Working on power point presentation on Faithbooking for Wednesday...
I am going keep my coffee date with my great friend tomorrow morning

I am reading... "Shepherding a Child's Heart", my bible, scrapbooking magazines, "Taste of Home" cookbook...
I am hoping...that all kids sleep through the night...Abigail had a hard time going to sleep tonight which is unusual for her...probably teething-related

I am hearing...the furnace kick was -18 degrees Celcius today when I went to take Addison to pre-school

Around the house...I am trying to organize and STAY organized...doing a little bit each day..on day 4 now and going strong!  Wes is lovin' the results and so am I!

One of my favorite things....when my wonderful husband brings me a coffee when I get out of the shower and gives me "quiet time" to get myself ready in the morning...

A few plans for the rest of the week...2 coffee dates with girlfriends, Faithbooking presentation, organize bathroom closet, organize Abigail closet, help Aidan study as he has 3 tests this week...

A photo for today...  the loves of my life...eating Cheesy Biscuits and Fagioli Soup the other night