Friday, June 24, 2011

Lovin' Project Life

Hi friends!  Wow am I behind with my is busy with a family of 6 but I am lovin' it!  I am really lovin' this project that I started in January developed by Becky Higgins called Project Life.  I am indeed a little behind (only 7 weeks) but not nearly as behind as I am with each one of the kids scrapbooks!
 I think what I love the most is I get to use photos that I may not do a whole scrapbook page for...this project represents our life on a very real scale.  When I look back to how our family operated 5 years from now I imagine that I will be able to remember what this was like.  You see, I have the worst memory and easily forget lots of details of our wonderful life....things I don't want to forget can now be remembered...and it is EASY!  My love of taking photos is allowing me to capture life as we know this stage of life...right where we are at :)
 I have been experimenting with enlarging photos to 8x12" and then cutting 2 inches off of the sides to fit into the 6x12" page protectors I bought from American Crafts.
 I am also experimenting with putting one theme in a 3 slot - 6x12 page protector....and loving this.  For the one above I put specific photos from our trip to Build-a-Bear.
 I am also loving using brushes in Photoshop to label my photos before I print Ali Edwards design style.
TADA!!  I hope you will join me for the 2012 year in completing one for your family!  I will definitely keep you posted when the new kits come on sale in Oct/November :)