Saturday, November 6, 2010

She's off!!

Our little princess, yes Princess Aurora Abigail took her first independent steps yesterday.  (She was dressed up for a friends costume birthday party this afternoon, but who was I to take her princess dress off?  She may just wear it tomorrow too as far as I am concerned :)  As the day progresses today she is taking more and more steps...I finally caught these one on video just to share with you!  I am feeling mixed emotions about this....part of me is so excited to see her doing such a "big girl" thing...the other part of me is sad as I want her to stay little for much longer.  As many moms say...the time really does go by too quickly. 
Thank you Lord for your amazing gifts to us in our children...we will rejoice and be glad always!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Scrap Queen a weekend away and I labelled myself...of all things "Scrap Queen."  I have always wanted to be cheesy like this.  Some part of me wants to "match" my occassions with my clothing.  I even co-ordinated my holey soles to match my well as my glimmery travel coffee mug.  Am I the only one?  I was hardly a queen amongst the 25 or so other scrapbooking ladies - I really just wanted the shirt because it was pink and it was $5 at Michaels.  I did get 20 (1 sided) pages done over the course of the weekend on Ashers scrapbook and I am so happy with it.  It took me a while to get into the swing of things as it has been over a year since I even touched my scrapbook supplies.  But, the hummm of the Crickets, the slicing of photos and the smell of the Cricut mat glue got me motivated in no time!
 I brought out 2 new friends to join in the excitement this year...I just had to share this wonderful working opportunity with some other girlfriends so Jen and Susan joined me this year.  Love the above layout that Jen only took her about 4 hours :)
 The regular scrapbook ladies that I go with were there too....we had to joke from afar this year but still loved seeing them and catching up at meal times.  Jen and Dani "won" by staying up the latest both nights.  (I can't even compete in an all-nighter).  BUT...our van won the race home...remember that for April ladies ;)  (And everyone thought I was the slow driver!!)
One of my favorite layouts from the weekend as it made me think of my bestest friend Ginette who will be at the next scrapbooking retreat in April...because GUESS WHAT?  SHE IS MOVING BACK from New Brunswick...well back to Calgary but that is still much closer and I am so stinkin' excited about that!!  So, next retreat is the first weekend in April 2011 and I am already looking forward to it...

I love capturing, sharing and documenting my memories and our lives.