Friday, June 19, 2009

Thank You Lord

I lay on the couch awaiting my husbands arrival home from a run...he now runs 8km every second evening. His goal is to do a half-marathon sometime in the near future. As I think about having 124 days left in this pregnancy, I can't even imagine running around the block :) As this baby and my belly grow I am so thankful for every single day that she is staying inside. She is at 22 weeks gestation today. How exciting!

So, our household has had a very blessed week. We made the decision last week that we are going to try to have Wes stay home from work at the gas plant to care for his family during this time of "baby-growing." Our Addison has gone from being a little monster (spitting at my mom during tantrums) to a little boy who listens and thanked me today for inviting his friend Corbin over to play (without any prompting). We have seen such a change in his behavior as he is adapting to this new family arrangement of having daddy and mommy at home and getting to sleep in his own bed every night. So, Wes has applied for a Leave Of Absence from work at the gas plant and will do real-estate to fill in the missing pay cheques. (It is so much easier finding a sitter for a couple hours here and there if Wes has to go out and work a deal for real-estate then find someone to watch them for 13 hours in one day.) We are totally trusting in our Lord and feel such a peace that this is the right thing to do for our family at this time in our lives. Wes has amazed me with his patience and positive attitude this past week in having to look after all of us. He is such an amazing guy. One sale and two listings for real-estate have also come his way this week, which too has been such a blessing. We have had people come over and hang out and encourage us, and we have been thankful. So thankful for all that we have and all that is to come...Thank you Lord!!


ET @ Titus2:3-5 said...

Love it. Bless you guys.