Monday, November 9, 2009

Our Trick or Treaters

Here are the boys going from house to house. Asher wouldn't carry a bag for his treats, he just wanted to hold the candy in his hand. So, as we would go to the next house he would drop his candy and take the new candy. So, I was his "candy bag holder".

Aidan wanted to be all gory and bloody...what is it with 10 year old boys?? He was hoping for Jason from the Friday the 13th movies (which he has never seen so where he would get the idea I don't know) but he "settled" on getting a couple "bloody" things for his face...I wish you could see the pencil sticking out of his forehead a little better...I should have taken it at a different angle and the gore on is cheek is supposed to be a bullet shot....(can you see me rolling my eyes and shaking my head?? Haha)

Well our little Asher was something cute this I still got to pick out his costume I chose something Disney...why? Because I LOVE Disney characters! I would have the whole family dress in Disney if they would....but Addison had his own idea:

Nope, nothing cutesy for him...he wanted to be Batman. Aidan (from when he was smaller) has some Batman guys around the house that Addison plays with and when he saw this costume he wanted this one. Every house we would go to he would say "can we go to another house" as soon as he got the candy...he is so darn excitable!! He had a great time trick or treating and will be reaping the benefits of candy-eating for months to come I am sure for the haul he pulled in!

Our littlest Abigail didn't go out trick or treating...much too windy and cold for a newborn to be out. So, our little pumpkin hung out with Grandma and Grandpa Pallister. Next year, I am seeing a one year old princess trying to keep up to her older brothers...oh the fun!!


mom on a mission said...

SO cute! I love the boys' personalities shining through ... and don't worry... I think most boys go through the 'gorry' stage!
It won't be long and you will see your little princess joining the crowd!!