Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Ear-Piercing Event

So, yesterday was the BIG day. In longing for a little girl of my own, one of my many dreams was to have my little girl have her ears pierced...why? Because it is girly and I like it :) I had taken her once last month and the lady at Merle Norman wouldn't pierce her ears because she didn't pierce baby's lobes, so this month as she is now a whooping 3 months old, I decided might be a good time to try again. This girl was happy to pierce Abigails ears and said her lobes looked "perfect" to pierce. Well that was music to my ears and with using Emla cream on her lobes she hardly even cried, I think she was more upset that I had to pin her down so she didn't move. Just look at the expression on my face above, I think it hurt me more then it hurt her! I can't stop looking at her ears and smiling...she fills me with such delight.


Anonymous said...

OH my Goodness Shauna! I still haven't braved that event w Alexa... 2.5 years later!!! It is very cute though!! The first picture is priceless! Chat soon!

Peggy said...

Love the looks...Mom & Daughter
I remember when I took my girl and had the same feelings but so cute.