Friday, March 19, 2010

Addison Turns 4!

On March 10 our dear Addison turned 4 years old. At his request he had a birthday party at McDonalds PlayPlace here in Red Deer. 1.5 hours of noise, laughing, presents, playing, friends, mcnuggets, McQueen birthday cake and lots of fun!

Yup, he dipped into the icing before the official "blow out the candle"...but really...what child can wait when a delicious Cars masterpiece is placed in front of them?

All the friends and family at the party (minus the adults and 3 babies that were either in high chairs or car seats). We had a couple little visitors from the restaurant come by to check out the presents and one little girl was caught even taking a chicken nugget and some fries off of one of the kids plates...too funny!

Gorgeous blue eyes just like his Daddy!

Yup, this is Addison in one of his truest forms. When I asked to take his photo by the "Hamburgular" picture he started hamming it up and this is really him...dancing around waving his hands around in front of his face showing everyone that he is "4". Such a good good boy he is and is loved so dearly.
In your 4th year of life Addison, in Jesus' name I bless your play times that your mind may learn and grow to your full potential. May you be kept safe at all times. I bless your mental development, that nothing would hinder the growth of your mind to its full potential. I bless the development of your will, that you may be shaped in wisdom and love by those in authority in your life. May you learn to make wise choices in every life decision. I bless your spiritual life, that you would understand and experience what it means to walk with God at a young age. I bless your family relationships, that you would be kept safe from accidental emotional injury and feel a sense of belonging and love. I bless your school experiences (come September) that school is a safe place for you to learn and grow and may your teachers recognize and encourage your gifts and talents. And lastly I bless your friendships, that you may be guided to be loving and make wise choices in every relationship outside your family circle. AMEN!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Bubbles & Bumbo

Our little girl is 4.5 months old now. She is now blowing bubbles (with her sweet little baby spit) and enjoys sitting up in her bumbo chair. (OK well we got the bumbo chair when Asher was a baby...and if I had a say she would have a pink bumbo chair...but really...color vs. $60). She enjoys sitting in her bumbo on the living room floor as the boys play around her, whether it is watching them build a train track or do a puzzle. The little guys are also quick to pick up any of her rattly toys and put them back on her tray for her to play with. Aidan is also stepping it up in the big brother department and will often go and pick her up if she is fussing or pop a soother in her mouth without even a prompt from us. All the boys love their little sister so much!