Saturday, November 6, 2010

She's off!!

Our little princess, yes Princess Aurora Abigail took her first independent steps yesterday.  (She was dressed up for a friends costume birthday party this afternoon, but who was I to take her princess dress off?  She may just wear it tomorrow too as far as I am concerned :)  As the day progresses today she is taking more and more steps...I finally caught these one on video just to share with you!  I am feeling mixed emotions about this....part of me is so excited to see her doing such a "big girl" thing...the other part of me is sad as I want her to stay little for much longer.  As many moms say...the time really does go by too quickly. 
Thank you Lord for your amazing gifts to us in our children...we will rejoice and be glad always!


Anonymous said...

Finally the comments work!! Love love the video and all your recent pictures on here!! I can't wait to see you... only a few more weeks! G

Louise Helder said...

Such a sweet little girl. It was nice seeing you today, Shauna.

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