Friday, April 29, 2011

For Today...

For Today - Friday, April 29 2011

Outside my window...The glorious sunshine is beaming into my "office" west facing, dirty window.

I am thinking...About the last few days...a little getaway with my loving husband in thankful I am for parents that will love on our kids when we go away to full of gratitude I am for a good relationship with Aidan's dad and family and that our oldest boy is so very loved amongst both the quiet is nice but the sounds of our children are missed when I have too much time to we serve such an awesome God and I look forward to getting to know more of Him and about His character every single happy the sun makes me as Spring feels like it is finally here as I saw some of my perennials starting to pop out if the brown, dead foliage...beautiful and green....LIFE!

I am thankful for...good girlfriends who share the same passion for God as me and how our conversation is so life-giving, the ability to open our home to friends and their families every Sunday evening for Life Group, for the freedom we have in Canada to own a bible (or several) and take them out in public, and to read them wherever we want....a husband that works so hard for his family and enjoys it...seeing Ashers excitement on his face and in his voice when we gave him his "real" birthday presents today :)

From the kitchen...I made pulled pork sandwiches for supper...looking foward to doing some baking this week coming up... ginger snaps and banana bread on the list

I am wearing...jeans, lulu purple sparkly zip up, bare feet

I am creating...hmmm...haven't been creating much lately...need to get back to getting my Project Life together...more then a few weeks behind

I am take Asher to meet his soccer coach/team tomorrow morning and later in the day watch Aidan play inline hockey twice as he has an Ice Breaker Tournament tomorrow

I am reading... "Me and My Big Mouth" by Joyce Meyer, my bible (thanks to Lori for the awesome bible reading plan), scrapbook magazines, Taste of Home magazine, Paper Crafts magazine

I am hoping...that all of my children make the faith they grow up with their own with minimal heartache

I am hearing...the hum of my lap top and that is all...all the little ones are in bed asleep and Aidan is at Ben's tonight and Wes is out closing a deal

Around the house...a big pile of laundry awaits me from our little getaway and the kiddies sleepovers at Grandma and Grandpas house, going to make a plan to do one cleaning job per day (and maybe give myself permission to take one day off??)

One of my favorite things....a real wood burning fireplace - the crackling sound of the wood, the heat, the light...everything about it

A few plans for the rest of the week...Asher soccer mtg, Aidan inline hockey, serving in 56ers this Sunday as Pastor Mike is away and asked us to switch weekends, looking forward to catching up with friends in our Life Group on Sunday evening as we missed last weekend with them because of Easter, need to have a coffee date with a couple of my favorite ladies, work on Project Life

A photo for today...  the birthday boy...Happy 4th Birthday my dear Asher!  Here he is at Easter outside playing with one of his favorite things...a toy airplane (that is now on Grandma Linda and Papa Ken's roof)  Love you so much my "best friend" (as he calls me)