Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Hiya friends!  I am totally playing catch-up as it has been over a month since I blogged....why you might ask?  Life is busy and I honestly have not taken the time to sit at my computer and tell you about our lives.  This definitely has been a season of change for our household.

 So what is so different from August to September??  Aidan has started Grade 7 at a new school, Addison has started kindergarten and attends every morning of the week for half days, and Asher has started playschool Wednesday and Friday mornings.  So my role of being a stay-at-home mom has had to transition into "driver" and be and have everyone ready to go out of the house for 8:15am.  As this is the third week in, I feel a lot less anxious about it as I have proved I can do it.  Yes there may have been yelling and yes there has been frustration on my part.  You see I have faults....I hit snooze on my alarm at least twice (I am not the best morning person), I like to shower and put myself together (but it isn't all about me), I like to enjoy a cup of coffee (but am getting used to drinking it lukewarm and eventually cold), I like to be organized (but don't like to do the organizing), I feel anxious about being late for something, anything (am working on it), like everyone to eat a big, good breakfast to start their day off right (but am realizing the more I rush and push Addison to eat the slower he goes...I am learning he will eat a very little bit but eats better at his school snack time so I pack him 2 snacks and talked to his teacher about him and who he is...he is not a morning eater)....But I am getting it...slowly and surely.  (And Big Daddy Gies helps out as much as he can which I am ever so thankful and lovin' and he often makes and brings me a dolled-up cup of coffee to me as I do my hair and sits on the bed and we chat about God...what we are reading or learning and that is a grrrreat way to start off my day!!).  AND that is just the school stuff...our Life Group has switched to Friday evenings now so we can enjoy a family day together on Sundays.  We have some friends who have left to start their own groups (yaahh for leaders) and we have new and old friends stay with us and keep encouraging and living the lives God calls us to live.  I am thankful for couples and families who make time in their schedules to spend with us and our family for this greater purpose in community, sharing and growth in Him.

Because there is too much to catch up with from August I am just going to start anew in September and show you the boys in my life on their first days of school.

 Aidan has 3 friends in our close that go to his "new" school...so they came and picked him up and they all long-boarded to school.  No more pics for mom in front of the school, no more "mom can I get a ride".  Sigh.  Our biggest boy is growing up...
 Off the boys go to school....I don't even think I got a hug :(

 Addison started kindergarten this year at the same elementary school that Aidan attended so lots of the teachers know our family from that time.  Addison's teacher came up to me last week and has already stated that Addison is very helpful to the other kids in class and always willing to help his teacher whenever he can.  She asked if he was like this at home....heheehe!!  Yes...there are moments when Addison is a little worker - he loves to be praised and know/feel like he is doing well at whatever he is doing.  His kind, loving heart is so apparent!!

 Asher started play school a week later then his big brothers and he had a hard time waiting for his school to start.  He was very anxious to go to "his" school.  We went earlier in the week and he picked out a new school outfit...and of course the shirt has red in it (favorite color ever for him).  He is going to the same school that Addison attended last year so he is familiar with the environment and teachers.  Now he is counting down the days until he can be "helper of the day"...only 6 more days of school Ash and that special vest, leader of the line and sticker is all yours little man!!

As our children have the priviledge of attending school, I am thankful.  I pray for each one of the teachers that works with and provides instruction to each of our boys....Lord may they be blessed for the work they do investing in the lives and futures of these kids.  Lord may you fill the school facilities with Your presence so that every person that walks into those facilities knows there is something unique there and that is You and that only You deserve all the praise, honour and glory.  Work Lord in the hearts of those children so that they may get "new life" at an early age and live only for You.  In everything we do Lord, help us to reflect You....Let us listen for the guidance of Your Holy Spirit in all of our activities so that Your glory may be shown through us in all environments.  In Your most holy and precious name...AMEN!