Thursday, October 20, 2011


After writing on my blog yesterday...I had a great day.  I felt good...felt encouraged.  After we picked Addison up from school we picked up lunch and headed to the park to enjoy the nice Fall day.  Wes was able to meet us there and brought me and him some "real" lunch from Wok Box.  It was so amazing to be outside in the fresh air with few people around and enjoying the sun and the kids laughter.  I had a hard time doing anything "extra" before....we have kinda been doing the same thing for weeks...very routine not thinking I could "handle" any more.  I sat on the bench talking to Wes as the kids played and I commented "no wonder I thought my life was so dull before....we have been doing the same thing for weeks now."   Phil 4:13 states "I can do all things through him who gives me strength."  Yes indeed I can!!  Today I experienced that.  I would say that the rest of my day went good...I had patience...I was kind and loving and I saw my children through thankful eyes.

Last night as Wes and I watched "Heros" we exchanged a little love gaze and he said "I love seeing you smile."  That said it all.  For a woman who was searching to get her smile back and then he saw it in a genuine moment....wowie!  That was a fast renewal God....thank you!  I stand in awe....

So today I said I would get up and read His word.  Did I?  Nope...I pushed snooze on the alarm twice then hustled my butt to get ready and everyone else ready for the day. my quiet time (doing my hair and make up following my shower) I heard from God.  He told me an answer to my most ashamed question I have asked as of yet....why would you bless us with 4 children?  I have been wondering how I am supposed to handle it...and not just "get by" but "do it well."  He answered me and said that if He gave us any less children that I would not need Him.  He wants to be needed.  He wants us to tie into Him everyday and feed us daily.  "Give us this day our daily bread."  And think about the manna...He only gave them enough to eat for 1 day but was true on following through with what He promised...that it would be there for them EVERYDAY.  Again....wowie!  Thank you Lord for speaking to me quickly with a response to a question I was embarrassed and ashamed to ask You.  I get it now Lord...I hear you loud and clear and I am on it!

Waiting, wanting and needing more of You and less of me.


tmac said...

Shauna...nice blog...keep at it.

My wife and I have been married for 52 years and never happier...she still tells me she loves to see me smile

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