Sunday, July 27, 2008

Back Yard

Howdy! Today I am so thankful for our back yard. I don't know why it hit so hard today...maybe I am feeling a bit undeserving. Wes, Aidan and I sat out on the back deck after church today and we ate nachos and had some good conversation. Conversation about God, music, lyrics, having Jesus in our hearts, etc. It was great. I can't say that I had all the answers, and Wes is so good at relating to Aidan about things he experienced when he was growing up. It was great and not done nearly enough nowadays. Thank you Lord for a beautiful day today. Thank you for the conversation we could have and how our conversation turned to You. Thank you for blessing us with the comfort and beauty of a back yard we can make memories in.

Above are some photos of the boys in our backyard enjoying themselves and the beautiful weather we have been having.