Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Biking...with a Camera of course!

Good day! Thought I would share some photos from a recent adventure...we packed the little guys up in the bike trailer that we bought last year and went for a bike ride. First time on my bike for me this summer and the little guys really liked it! So to capture the moment of course I had to bring our little camera. Wes could not believe that I would take photos at the same time as riding my bike...quite the adventure for someone who isn't too graceful to begin with. I think I only nearly fell of my bike or hit a curb 3 times. By the end of the ride Wes was annoyed with my last near curb hit and said he didn't want to pick me up off the ground. He doesn't quite understand my desire to capture everything through photos. I sure had fun though!! Here are the photos to prove it.

Note the wind blowing in my hair...."speed...I am speed!" (Lightening McQueen)