Friday, December 19, 2008

Birthday Party

Tonight we will begin our Christmas celebrations. Wes' sister Jennifer and her husband Colin and their 2 little ones Zachary and Rachel are coming to Red Deer to spend the weekend with our family and Wes' parents (who also live in RD). Tonight we have invited them over for a birthday party for Jesus. Wes and I have decided that we will do this every year and Addison was quite excited about the idea saying we should make Jesus a Lightening McQueen birthday cake...and then he talked about a "baby cake"...maybe because Jesus is portrayed as a baby so much during this season because of His birth. I asked Mama G to make an angel food cake, partly because I am afraid to try it and it not turn out, and secondly it will be one less thing to get ready for the festivities.

I was sad, it actually made me cry, that my parents said they wouldn't come over tonight for dinner and the "party." My mom claimed she had "too much to do." I could be all sarcastic about it in an attempt to disguise my hurt but I won't. I wish my family believed in our Heavenly Father and wanted to celebrate Him like I do. That is one of my biggest struggles as I wonder sometimes if my family even knows me at all in how I want to live my life as a Christian. Wes and I keep praying that they will want a relationship with Jesus someday too.

Well now that I am emotional all over again, I will try to re-focus on our day. I have been doing some cleaning and tidying toys as I know a truckload full are probably headed our way over the next week of celebrations. Asher is sick with a cold again...he was up 5 times last night just wanting some mommy cuddles which I won't complain about one bit. He is napping at the moment and Addison is playing with a wooden nativity scene and says he is building a castle with the pieces.

I haven't taken any photos for a few days now...I can tell by my mood. The happier I am the more photos I seem to take. I don't know why I don't feel isn't that I feel sad, just "blah." Do you know that feeling? I am disappointed that Wes has to work again this Christmas but am trying to focus on the 4 days he has off of work before Christmas Eve in which time I pray we will get some nice family time. My sister is due to have her baby in the middle of January but is feeling that the baby might come early so she doesn't want to travel from Beaumont to Red Deer in the event that the baby comes so I don't even really know what we are doing for Christmas with my side of the family. Maybe that is why I feel unsettled. I am looking forward to this weekend and spending some time with Wes' side of the family. Barb (Mama G) is cooking a turkey dinner tomorrow and we are opening presents at their house tomorrow morning sometime.

As I hear Anne Murray singing Christmas songs on the TV I am going to sign off. I will let you know how the party goes... Remember the reason for the season is Christ our Lord.


ET @ Titus2:3-5 said...

That is a wonderful tradition to be starting in your family, Shauna.

Anonymous said...

We have thrown Jesus a birthday party for the pat few years and our kids love it. I think at times it is ackward for others to grasp what we are trying to give to our kids...but stand firm and bask in God's joy over your celebration of His Son!!

mom on a mission said...

That is a great tradition Shauna... live in the moment and enjoy it with your family!
I understand what you are feeling, and we will have to chat about it- after the holidays though... it's time to celebrate!
Thinking of you and miss you!