Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I am at a time when I am questioning what I want our children to believe at Christmas. As I raised Aidan, I taught him (like so much of society) that there is a Santa Claus and he lives in the North Pole, makes presents with the elves, we write him a list of all the toys we want...and then something magical happens on Christmas Eve night as his reindeer pull a sleigh through the air, around the world and deliver millions of presents all in one evening. I guess one doesn't think about different time zones when explaining this all.

This year I started talking to our 2 year old about Santa, and as he would look at the toys in the Sears Wishbook or in the Toys R Us flyer I would tell him he would have to ask Santa for the toy. He had it down pat..."mommy I ask Santa...Santa bring me the Rocket." Wes saw this and kinda questioned me on this...I can't remember exactly what he said but it really got me thinking.

At Friendship Factor today the guest speaker asked the group of ladies a question...and it has stuck with me all day. "What do you remember as a child about Christmas?" I remember a big deal being made about Santa and presents. Growing up in a non-Christian family I don't ever even remember Jesus' name being mentioned...well I guess it wouldn't be as my parents didn't think that was the true meaning of the season.

I want our children growing up knowing the real reason for the season. Christmas is the celebration of Jesus' birth. I don't want it to be about Santa and so many other things that take away from the REAL meaning.

That is it for many thoughts on this topic...


Anonymous said...

Hey Shauna- I hear you loud and clear. I have never really made a big deal about Santa to Shaun, but I haven't really explained what the real meaning is either. I have been somewhat torn, as I feel so much 'pressure' to tell him about Santa, and feel like people are so judging when we don't... it is like we are not 'allowing' him to be a kid... although I don't believe that.
I too would like to put more emphasis on the real meaning.
Read "the Christmas Box" with Aidan... it will help put meaning to the season :)

Dave and Karalee said...

I agree it is a tough balance with all the the commericalism around us the kids can't help but get swept up in the whole Santa thing. Growing up I always knew santa was just a story, but my parents still let me put out cookies for him christmas eve! It was just fun to pretend! One fun tradition my mom did with us was to make a birthday cake for Jesus on Christmas eve. Then on Christmas day we would have a big birthday for Him. I hope to carry on this tradition with my boys!