Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Our Canada Day!

Happy Canada Day! Today was a beautiful day here in Red Deer. I always love Canada Day, and love getting the boys matching t-shirts and taking their photos (imagine that). I wasn't able to get a decent group photo of the boys together, but did manage to take some of each of them. Since I wasn't feeling well enough for a lot of walking (we had wanted to go for a weiner roast at the park) we ended up having a little picnic in our backyard. Do you know how much I love our back yard??? So, Wes' parents brought most of the food over and we had a picnic lunch. Wes filled the little pool with water, which Asher spent most of his time in. Our nephew Trysten is here visiting us so he was able to enjoy the day with us as well. Later on we went to my parents for a wonderful supper. I am so thankful for our wonderful country and all the freedom we have! Thank you Lord for giving us such a wonderful place to live and call home.


Anonymous said...

Great Photos Shauna! I hope you're feeling ok... We'll talk soon!