Wednesday, October 27, 2010

First Days of School

Aidan started Grade 6 and transitioned into Middle School fabulously.  He is even taking the CITY BUS to school now.  Seems like he is growing up way too quickly...from wanting to be on Facebook to texting, to the start of school dances....*sigh*  Well we made an agreement on the first day of Grade 5 that I would not take his photo in the front of his school once he moved to Middle Mom still got a few photos in front of our house before he left.  He will be thankful one day.....haha...remember our parents saying that??  I love this big kid and the fact that he still likes to cuddle and that we have a "secret thumb shake."

Addison started Pre-school this year at Noah's Ark (same school Aidan went to when he was 4 years old- and the same teachers are still there and remember Aidan 7 years later!!)  He loves going to school and showed Mommy no sign of attachment syndrome...he was off and running as soon as the school doors were open waving "bye."  I slowed him down by taking his photos :)  I am loving this social butterfly and his age of 4!  He is learning and growing all the time!


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