Monday, March 14, 2011

Addison Turns 5!

This past week we had a couple of parties to celebrate our Addison turning 5 years old.  Wow...already....5....that is all I can think about.  This boy of ours has the kindest I was sick in bed and Wes stayed home from work for the morning so I could attempt to sleep it off.  Addison comes into the room with a lego "flower" that he created and a little card.  Wes said he came up with the idea all on his own.  He is also so very generous...with his birthday money he chose to buy Asher and Aidan something too.  And last week at school he made a beaded necklace for me and another necklace for his friend Cody...that gave me the idea to make beaded necklaces at his birthday party...check it out below:

The partying started out on Thursday the 10th, his actual BIRTHday.  Pancake breakfast at McDonalds Play Place.  (Yes only 2 of the candles lit...silly things...)

Here is the birthday boy on his birthday PARTY day...HotWheels cupcakes as requested with green icing (his favorite color).  The kids seems pretty excited to each get to take a car home.  Yes Addison chose the top cupcake with the green car...

The beaded necklace/bracelet activity.  Quite successful with 9 little ones and a whole lotta beads...tying the knots was another story....

Soooo happy one of my bestest friends Jen grabbed my camera and captured that we pray and give each of our children a birthday blessing at their parties.  God is so good to us....that even sounds like an understatement as I type it....God is beyond good to us. 

 Thank you Jesus for this past year in allowing us to parent your child Addison.  He adds so much to our family and to each of our lives.  I am excited to see the work You are doing in this boy and pray your continued favor and blessing over and around him as he goes about his next year.  AMEN


Anonymous said...

Awww... so sorry we couldn't make it Shauna... looks like everyone had a fabulous time.

Maybe we could get together and have a mini party again?? Or maybe we could have a joint party for all our kids together- we'll think of something!

Addison is a very kind hearted boy, and I can just imagine how proud you are of him and just love him to pieces! You guys are both amazing parents, and God is good to you for very good reason!

Can't wait to see you again... soon!