Wednesday, March 9, 2011

My TKD Star

A few weeks ago we went to Airdrie to watch Aidan participate in a taekwondo tournament.  These are exciting times for me as I get to see Aidan really shine in his sport of taekwondo.  He has been involved in tkd since he was 5 years old and I love how he has developed his tkd skills.  Aidan did awesome at the tournament!

Sparring match that he won....won one and lost one which gave him a silver medal in that category.

Poomse - Pattern that each belt level has to complete and they get evaluated on techniques.  These always look way to complicated for me...I don't think I could remember all the steps.

Then on the next weekend, Champion Taekwondo did their belt testing and Grand Master Park came down from Edmonton to mark the students.  Aidan passed, and did so super dee duper!  So now he owns a red belt and keeps on striving to get his junior black belt.  I am so proud of our boy!!