Thursday, February 17, 2011

Our Valentine's Day!

So you read on my last post about the mini cupcakes with pink cream cheese....but did you read all the way to the bottom of the post for the challenge?  The challenge was to do something kind/loving for someone that is close to you to tie along with the "love thy neighbor" command.  So I wanted to show you that we did indeed follow through with showing our love...

Once all the kiddies and Dad were home from school the 4 boys went out and hit up 4 neighbors to give a plate of the scrumptious cupcakes to.  Aidan and Asher had already taken off across the street by the time the photo was taken.  While they did that I was inside preparing home-made pizza dough and toppings to make our annual heart shaped pizzas:

They turned out great and it was a fun thing to do together as a family.  Asher actually ate his whole heart pizza which is impressive as he recently decided that he didn't like pizza.  It could be because it only had one piece of pineapple and one piece of ham on it??  Monday was one of the best days that I can remember...Wes came home after lunch and I got to have a little nap on the couch...showered and dressed at 2:30....quality family time and lots of giving all around.  A marvelous day!

And one final photo of our little princess when she opened up her new princess baby "Belle."  Abigail decided she would take a suck on her bottle before giving it to her baby...what a good little mama :)