Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Around here...

Around here...With the season of Spring comes new activities and lots of good times enjoying the outdoors!

 Aidan plays inline hockey 2 evenings per week (he is the yellow guy) and Big Daddy Gies is coaching his team again this year.  Last night he got 2 goals in his game...way to go Aidan!!

Is this what everyones house looks like that has boys?  The boys thought it was fun to shoot the Toy Story guys with the new Nerf gun that Asher got for his birthday....boys boys boys!  I can't help but laugh and take a photo :) 

 Serious outdoor trampoline fun!  This happens  Lots of jumping, smiles, laughter, backsies, hockey, flips, crack the egg...and since we have boys...even a little bit of wrestling.
The newest trampoline game that even Abigail LOVES...ring around the rosie...yup huge smiles the second everyone "falls down" and even in anticipation of the falling down...what is it about that game that kids looooove??  Well friends, it IS safe and fun for the whole  family :)

I had to share this photo...Ashers first soccer practice.  He has been asking to"play soccer" since last year when Addison played and more specifically when Addison received his orange TimBits soccer shirt.  He very much wanted his own "soccer shirt."  So finally, he gets his own soccer shirt.  He is on the red team in the U4 division (he was pretty pumped as red is his favorite color).  So the first practice was interesting to say the you can see Asher is on your left in the coach is picking one child up off the field, the blue coach is trying to "push along" a little blue player who has his head down and there is our sweet Asher...standing completely opposite to the soccer ball action on the right of the photo and staring off in a different direction all together.  Oh he makes us smile.  I really feel for the coaches...they are volunteers who are introducing 10 four year old kids to the game of soccer....hopefully tonight runs a little smoother....or not.  At the end of the "practice/game" Asher was sitting beside me on the grass drinking his water bottle and he says "I good at this team mom."  Yes son, you are good...very very good :)

Stay tuned for more about Addisons soccer, swim lessons and some cool things God is revealing to us :)


Emma said...

I love the Nerf darts all over the tv and the trampoline photos, they are having so much fun!!

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