Thursday, May 26, 2011

Connection Through Prayer

I would love to introduce you to she is with her blessed parents on a recent photoshoot I did as a gift for them here in Red Deer.  This little girl and family has been in the heart of our prayers for a long while...I can't even remember when we started praying.  I know our inital prayers that were Peter and Theresa would be blessed with a baby through the adoption process...God heard, God answered, God moved!  We have seen and been part of God's wonder through a lot of their last year. 

The reason this wee girlie is so special to my heart is that she is so near to Abigails age and I have never felt a strong connection to anyone as I have to her through prayer.  I have never experienced the power of connection through prayer as she and her family faced so many hospital stays and so much medical stuff.  **I can't quote correctly all of the things that Israelle has medically had to endure and continues to live with as it is way beyond my comprehension and I know I won't get the terminology right and all that jazz**

I do this know...a miracle was had here in more way then one...Theresa and Peter have their very own little girl to tuck into bed every.single.night.  The doctors were left asking "whose heart is this?" the day before she was scheduled to have open heart surgery (for the second time) as it looked way too good to be Israelle's broken heart and they SENT.THEM.HOME.  Can you imagine?  You think your baby is going to have her chest cut open AGAIN to repair her heart AGAIN and the doctors are left wondering "what has happened here...this baby's heart looks fine"  GOD IS WHAT HAPPENED THERE.  God is what is happening there.  God is still what is going to happen there.  Amazing stuff.  I am almost in tears as I repeat the story to you from a couple of months ago.

 You just never know why certain people come into your life, or what place they will have.  All of this started as a result of Theresa finding my name on the Creative Memories Consultant finder as she and her mom were looking to buy some products.  Next thing you know we are given the opportunity to provide hope to a family who has gone through a tremendous amount of heartache and hospital stuff, and prayer to the Wonderful Counsellor, Mighty Healer, Name above all Names...our God.

The smile on this little girls face warms my heart and I am so blessed to know her and her family.  


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