Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Waiting for Baby

My sister Amanda, her husband Shawn and son Trysten were in Red Deer for the Thanksgiving weekend. I talked them into some "belly shots" as my sister is expecting and due January 12th (if I recall correctly). I am not usually one to do "belly shots" and she wasn't too keen on the idea either, but I thought...you are my sister and she is pretty good about me trying stuff on them (in regards to photography) so I thought...why not? Her belly really doesn't look that big...she is around 27 weeks now. They think it might be a little girl...the ultrasound couldn't tell them for sure and my sister is dying to find out.

Trysten is 9 and is a great cousin and friend to our oldest son Aidan. They had a sleepover here this weekend and seemed to have a lot of fun together. Amanda is my only sister (other then through marriage) and I am so excited for the arrival of their baby.


mom on a mission said...

Those are great photos Shauna!! They won't regret having them taken.... too precious!