Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Boy Toys

Aidan, our 9 year old son is totally into "Tech Decks" which are mini skateboards. The kids play with them with their fingers and do different tricks with them by maneuvering their fingers and hands in certain ways. He had received $5 from his dad, so on Monday he asked if we could go and buy a Tech took him like 15 minutes to decide which board to buy from Toys R Us. There the boards are $3.99 that worked to buy one. He has carried this skateboard in his pocket of his jeans or jacket everyday since buying it. I guess the other boys at school bring theirs and they play at recess.

Aidan is into a phase of being annoyed with me when I want to take his picture (hope this doesn't last long). I tell him he is going to like seeing these photos when he is older but he doesn't there he goes covering his eyes with his newest board. He also doesn't think it is cool to hold my hand outdoors, in the event that someone else might see....he just started this. *Sigh* My first born is growing up waaaay too fast!!


The Beys said...

What they don't think of for toys hey? A mini skateboard you play with using your hands...too funny:) And a far cry from the girly princess things I see around my house!