Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Shutterbugg DAD

The Flames played Phoenix Coyotes and Wayne Gretzky is the coach!

One evening last week my husband, Wes went to Calgary to a pre-season Flames game. He got some "cheap" tickets on e-bay and had some fantastic seats! He came home with the above photos. Well actually, he came home with over 100 photos but these are some of the best (after some editing on my behalf). I am so proud that he would take photos like this!! I can't wait til I get to go to a game now...just so I can take photos too!!


Anonymous said...

Hey there! Those are great shots he took! I don't know... between the two of you, you might be on to something :)
shutterbugg studio??!!

Have a great time this weekend... I'll try to keep up :)
You have a surprise waiting for you too (as long as she remembers to bring it!!!)
Talk to you soon!

Barb said...

great pics.
Hope you had a good scrapbooking weekend.
I tagged you....