Thursday, March 5, 2009

Some News...

So...2 weeks ago we found out some news:

We were surprised to say the least. The last few months we have been thinking about whether or not our family should grow...well maybe me more then Wes. I was kind of in a place where I needed something...I began seriously looking into starting a photography business and was more and more excited about this as the days went on. Wes was on board with the business but he was excited about a route he was taking himself with buying a boat, booking us a house on the Shushwap in the summer, and things like that.

We didn't go to church in 2 weeks. We both got sick. We didn't meet with our small group for 2 weeks. We weren't consulting God in the major decisions we were making. There was definitely a wedge between Wes and I as he was so excited about "his dream boat" and I was so not excited about the boat.

Then...I counted the days on the calendar...hmmm...35 days. Positive pregnancy test. Didn't know how to tell Wes...I was a little excited and a little scared. When he went to tuck Aidan into bed, I sent a text message to his phone. When he came upstairs, he heard his phone beeping so he went to check it. I sat at the kitchen table and took the photo of his reaction after reading the text.

It was a rough night. We both were being consumed by other things, driven by other things...and here I could do nothing but believe that this was God's work. He was bringing us back to him with a blessing. How loving a Father is that?? When our children aren't behaving and following what we think they should do, or listening, or making major decisions before consulting us...would we bless them instead of disciplining them? God could discipline us....but He didn't. He blessed us with another pregnancy. Wow!

God knows how our past pregnancies have gone...3 premature births. We need Him more then anything with this pregnancy. I am fully trusting Him to see a miracle in what he has created. I will post more on this later...thought the whole pregnancy idea might be enough for you to deal with for today :) It has been 2 weeks since we have known and I still am not used to it.

Wondering how my body just seemed to jump back into pregnant form already?? The baby is the size of a bean and my belly looks like I am 5 months pregnant?????


Anonymous said...

Shauna - this is sooo exciting! I am so happy for you. You are right. We are made in God's form but thankfully He is nothing like us. Only he would bless a child who is preoccupied. I am praying not to see this little muffin until October's end!! However, be prepared for that little child to be maulled by "special aunty' Heather!! Oh - and as an look fabulous, not even three months pregnant (...5 months...what a geek!)!! I would do good to resemble you a little on you worst day!!

All my love and prayers,

Barb said...

That is so excitng Shauna....congrats....
I am very happy for you..
thanks for sharing your news with us

The Beys said...

Shauna! I can't believe it! That's great news, so excited for you guys:) Are you feeling okay? When are you due? Say congrats to the rest of the family too from us:)

ET @ Titus2:3-5 said...

Love it! God is so awesomely good! Is it okay with you if I pray for a little pink? :)

Totally trusting God to keep that bun in the over for 40 weeks.

And, yes, that pregnant body just bounces right back, doesn't it? Gotta love that.

Dave and Karalee said...

I love the way God works!
Congratulations!!! That is fantastic news!! Like Tyler, I'm praying for a little pink too! (even though that has already been decided =).

Pregnency is such a miracle! I am excited to follow yours and eventually meet this new little one that God is blessing you guys with!!

mom on a mission said...

Love the post Shauna!! Congrats again! I am still praying... :)
love you hun!