Sunday, March 29, 2009

Wall of Eternity

Hi again! It has been a while (again) since I have written. To tell you the truth I am having a hard time with this pregnancy....this is not unusual for me...I recognize all these same feelings and experienced them all with the pregnancies of the last 2 boys. I don't remember much of how I felt when I was pregnant with Aidan to compare. Anyways, today is another Sunday! I LOVE Sundays! Sundays revive me! Another great church service this morning, an afternoon filled with a bit of shopping for some "bigger" clothes, supper with my family and finally a meeting of our small group at our home. Everyone in our group was here was so nice. I am going to focus on the positive and not even get into what time I got all the kids to bed as Wes had to go into work for an OT night shift.

So, today the question that has stuck in my mind....are you going to heaven? Is your name written on the Wall of Eternity? Before I became a Christian, I only really thought about God and heaven when someone I knew died...and I really thought I would go to heaven because I was a "pretty good person." Then I started attending church and started reading and learning more about Christianity and have learned that in order to receive Eternal Life one must admit and claim that Jesus died for my sins and that He is Lord. He loves each and every one of us so much that He forgives us when we repent...when we confess to Him what we did wrong. He doesn't hold our past against us. Yes, once we make that choice and claim that Jesus is the King of Kings He starts working in us...the Holy Spirit is available to each of us every moment of every day. That is a pretty incredible thought.

Being a Christian is not easy in this world, that is for sure. But through Him we find the strength to do it. I have experienced this personally over the last few weeks, but only when I seek Him and ask Him. I can't do this on my own, and so many people think they can. So, back to my question...if you aren't going to heaven, if you chose not to believe in Jesus and have a personal relationship with Him...where are you going? And why would you want to go there? There is so much good to be done in this world...if we all just put our thoughts on Him and not on ourselves how would this community, this city or even this world be different? I can't understand why people wouldn't want to look forward to meeting our Maker, to looking forward to going to a place so indescrible once their flesh life is over. In no way does this mean I am "ready" to go to Heaven, but when my time on this Earth is done according to Him...I know I will be in the loving arms of Jesus.

I want to see you there...there is nothing that makes me more sad then thinking of my loved ones dying and not believing that they will be taken care of by Jesus. Consider it....consider where you will go when you die. Please have your name written on the Wall of Eternity.


Anonymous said...

HI Shauna! I have been missing your posts! I will try to call to catch up with you the next few days. Loved the post : )