Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Hi out there! I have looked at my blog for days now wondering what to write about. There are so many things I could say...so much on my mind these days. Darn near all of it brings me to tears. Yup, I am sooo hormonal.

Sunday I had a most wonderful day! It started out by a great church service. The worship was rockin' and I was happy with it...I like it loud sometimes...gives me more freedom to really sing so no one can hear me (terrible tune, but perfect for the one and only Listener). The message was okay...we had a guest speaker and he encouraged us to read the book of Esther later that day in the bible. Every Sunday, I almost dread when church is over....why can't it last longer...why can't we be free of distractions all day? Why does the chaos start again once the doors are opened and we go out to gather our children?

Sunday was a little different this week though. Aidan was at his dads because we did a schedule change to accomodate a sleepover on this end and after church Wes' parents (just back from a 3 month stint in Texam Wycliffe) arrived home the evening prior so they were excited to take Addison out for lunch. Wes had to work day shift that day. When Asher and I were driving home, I thought...wow this is easy...only one child...we could do anything Ash. But we didn't...we went home and ate lunch then he was ready for his afternoon nap. I was excited to sit down and read Esther. The speaker said it would take 10 minutes to read...ummm...well no it took me a while longer but I enjoyed it all the same. Read the scripture then read the study notes. I have always wanted to do that on a Sunday....expand more on what was talked about earlier that day. So many times I have an afternoon nap. But I did laundry, I "tidied" just like Wes likes it, I had a wonderful afternoon coffee in silence. I made supper AND berry cobbler for dessert. Wes parents and Addison came home around 4:30 and it was nice to visit with them. I love how they love to eat dessert...cause then I have an excuse to make it without looking like I am the only one who wants to eat it :) Aidan came home after supper and gave me such a nice cuddle. He rarely does that anymore. Then I had the energy to put laundry away and change our bedding after the little ones were in bed. I even gave Wes a hand massage before we closed our eyes and went to bed. I gave...and I enjoyed it!

Wow, what a day it was. I can't explain my feelings of purpose and productivity other then I dove into the Word and He gave me the energy to be able to do all that. You may not think that is a lot...but for me lately, it is a lot. Even my husband noticed.

David Wilkerson writes "All true strength comes from drawing near to the Lord. The measure of our strength is proportionate to our nearness to him!” Simply put, the closer we are to Jesus, the stronger we’re going to be. And all the strength we’re ever going to need will come only through our secret life of prayer. If we’ll just draw near to Christ, he will draw near to us, giving us a fresh supply of strength daily. This is the secret of his presence!"


Anonymous said...

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enjoy your weekend and especially sunday!


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