Monday, May 18, 2009


I arrived home yesterday after a visit to Halifax, Nova Scotia to see my BFF Ginette. She and her family moved to Shediac, New Brunswick almost a year ago. We decided to meet in Halifax this time and have a little "girls time." So, off I went on Tuesday evening (plane left at 11pm and arrived in Halifax at 6:30am NS time...something I wouldn't do again unless Westjet somehow gets beds for these flights) and came home yesterday morning. My wonderfully amazing husband was at home with the kiddies all that time...isn't he GREAT? Well I think so. So we did a bit of touring around on the first day after I had a little nap at the hotel...that was probably our busiest day there. The rest of the days were filled with shopping, visiting, scrapbooking, some driving and touring along the coast of Nova Scotia (just to Lunenberg and back to Halifax) as I couldn't seem to handle the winding roads very well, feeling nauseous and not able to even look out the side windows to "tour" the beautifully laid back side of Canada. One awesome thing that we got to do together is scrapbook, which we started up together in 1996 at a Creative Memories get together. I was able to complete 18 pages of Addison's First Year scrapbook, which would take me forever to get done at home here. Thanks my dear friend Ginette for a wonderful get-away!


Anonymous said...

Thank YOU for coming my friend! It was great to have lots of girl time and of course we couldn't go wrong with the scrapbooking! A few things to change up next time though... a hotel that doesn't leak or come from 1970 for starters... and a city with more action... but nonetheless it was great to get caught up again... look forward to next time!! Love you!

ET @ Titus2:3-5 said...

Beautiful, Shauna. What a special time to get away. And your hubby totally rocks - good job Wes! :)