Monday, September 14, 2009

Boys in Bunks

A little over a month ago we purchased bunk beds for the two little guys as they are now going to share a bedroom. Asher's old bedroom has been painted pink and is awaiting the arrival of a new little sister for the boys.
Addison being the oldest of the two gets the top bunk and Asher gets the wider double bunk on the bottom. I have found this to be one of the cutest things ever...Asher will climb up the ladder (it took him a good couple weeks to figure the climbing part out much to our dismay) and we find the boys sleeping together on the top bunk. Aren't they just the cutest??? So, the two nights we have found them like this I have asked Wes to go downstairs, get the camera, stand on the bottom bunk and take their picture. He knows how much photos mean to me so he does it with a smile...ok so the other night he wasn't smiling but he still did it :)
God bless little boys and bunk beds :)


Karalee said...

Very Sweet!!

Heather said...

That is the absolute sweetest thing I have ever seen!! I am so glad you were able to capture that moment forever!!

ET @ Titus2:3-5 said...

How precious! I just love those moments when siblings love each other like that. Now I can't wait to see the pink room... :)

Anonymous said...

That is very cute... I remember you telling me about this- but the story is much better with pictures !! Thank you Wes... :)
I too can't wait to see the pink room!!

A Tuton said...

Adorable! It doesn't take kids long to learn new skills when the proper motivation is there. Asher obviously wanted to be on the top bunk too!