Sunday, September 6, 2009

New Logo

The sight of this makes me so is my new logo thanks to Jilene Hay from Sketch 22 Web & Graphic Design. The thoughts and ideas going through my head regarding starting a photography business are free and flowing constantly. My passion for taking photos started way back when I was in Junior High school and I got my first camera as a gift. Of course, those were the film days but I remember saving my money so I could buy film and get more and more photos developed. Not a whole lot has changed...other then the fact that now I am saving for a full-frame Nikon D700 and a Nikon AF-24-70mm f/2.8 Nikkor Lens.

Photos make me happy. Taking photos makes me even happier. I feel like taking photos can be a blessing to others if I can capture moments in time so they can remember them forever. Like the little dry-skinned toes on a newborn only last for so long....that first kiss after a husband can kiss his new bride for the first time as a married couple only happens once...overall I want to capture the beauty in God's work. He has created something so wonderfully and inexplicably amazing in each of us, in this world, everywhere we look that I strive to attempt to capture it so someone can appreciate it. Hence the business name "Creation Photo". It means more to me then "just" a business gives me a purpose and a constant reminder of how a gift of taking photos may in return bless someone else or open someon else's eyes to the wonder as well.

So, as this business is going to have a slow start I am still focused on the One who brought me to it. We have a blessing of a baby to be born in the next few weeks and you can bet that my camera will be right by my side attempting to capture the beauty in this glorious work of His Hands.

Until I get a new blog, you can check out this one so see some of my work. I can't wait to capture your beauty through some of my photos as well.


Anonymous said...

I love it Shauna!!! You have such talent at capturing moments, and many people will be blessed to have you in their lives with your new business venture!!
Keep the thoughts flowing!!

Anonymous said...

I love your logo.... beautiful! Loni