Friday, January 21, 2011

Life Documentation Simplified!

I am lovin' lovin' lovin' Project Life...want to know what it is?

In the words of Becky Higgins, the creator:

Project Life simplifies how you document life and preserve memories. Simply pair your photos and journaling with the striking, pre-designed components from the kit and you'll end up with a stylish masterpiece that represents your life or whatever occasion you choose to record.

Above is  a photo of my first week completed in the album.  Photos and honestly took me 30 minutes to round the corners of the photos and write on the journalling cards.  When this week's layout was done I was left feeling like I wanted to do more...and wanted the next week go go faster so that I had more photos to put in.  I LOVE the simplicity of feels like I have something done, it feels like some of our life was recorded.  Aidan keeps coming upstairs to my new "office" and picking it up to see what more I have love looking at themselves in photos...I believe it honestly makes them feel special to see them in your work (or at least I have seen this over and over with our oldest son Aidan who is 11).  This project is about recording our everyday life, showing our praise and answers to many things we could write about.  And that is another great thing....every member of our family can be involved in this wonderful project.  One can really customize it to whatever they want to record....I am so stinkin' excited about this...let me know if you want to join with me on this little project adventure....I will keep you posted as the project progresses!


Emma said...

I love this! So easy but so cool to have memories from each week!

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