Friday, July 15, 2011

Canada Day

Hallo...nice to see you again.  Yes this is the second post in 2 days.  Yes I am going to tell you about our Canada Day that we celebrated 14 days ago...why?  Because for some reason I am loooovin' on this holiday.  I love to get the kids matching/coordinating t-shirts, have a picnic or bbq, hang out with family and friends and just plain enjoy the day.  Another bonus is that my husband doesn't have to work (much) so I loooove having him home and able to enjoy some family time.

I baked some Coconut Chocolate Muffins from the Taste Of Home cookbook...they were scrumptious.  Next time I make them I will bake them in parchment paper liners so they don't stick....I was pretty darn excited to use my Canadian cupcake liners though....

Jen, Colin and the kiddies stopped in for a morning visit on their way to enjoy their summer vacation in BC.  We loved having them over enjoying a coffee and muffin on the back deck and watching the kiddies play.  This set of cousins is very close in age to our kids and it is so fun to see each of their different personalities as they grow :)

Trampoline fun before our lunch guests arrive and Abigail goes down for her nap...

Hot dogs, smokies, chili, spinach salad, strawberries and more cupcakes...I made my very first chili-dog.  I think I prefer the 2 separate.  Chili.  Hot dog.  Although we did bring out some nacho chips to eat with our chili and that tasted F-I-N-E.  (I am getting hungry writing about this...)

Yes these are 2 grown men jumping on the trampoline...remember the days of "double bouncing" your friend??

Kids playing in the playing Star-Wars...

Duane brought his guitar over and the guys belted out a few tunes.  Even had some Extreme in you remember the song "More Then Words??"  My husband knows how to play that song on the guitar...and that is the only song I have ever heard him play...he is sooo cute in the most manly way possible ;)  Ginette and her kiddies came down from Calgary for a visit, as well as our wonderful friends Chad, Emma & Isaiah and Duane, Jilene, Eavan & brand spankin' new baby Elias.

Around supper time Wes, Ginette and I took our troops on the city bus to Bower Ponds and walked around there for a bit.  It was very busy with the celebration and we didn't even want the kids to play at the park there as there was seriously kids everywhere you looked.  So we sat on the grass and had a bite to eat and then headed back on the city bus home to eat ice cream with sprinkles on top :)  A very nice day with family and friends!