Monday, July 11, 2011

Proud Mama Moment...

 Here is our biggest boy Aidan with his other mom Suzanne.  On June 18 both of them shaved their hair off for Women's Cancer.  Sue has raised money for this event before, and this is Aidan's first year with joining in with her to raise money to find a cure.  Aidan raised a total of $640 which contributed to the Shoppers Drug Mart (where Sue works) team total donation to over $4000 for this event alone.  Awesome!
 Aidan's dad Ben had the honors of shaving the dome...he knows something about it if you get a good look at his hairstyle ;)  

 Aidan's hair all over the stage floor.  Sue donated her hair to the Locks of Love foundation which is an awesome many good organizations out there willing to help...I love it!  I love the people too that are selflessly contributing to such places...way to go guys and gals!!
 I love this photo as Sue and Aidan see each other for the first time hairless, both of them feeling for what used to be there...what a great bonding opportunity for the two of them!  
Because just a "quick shave" was done at the event in Olds, Aidan asked to have his head "cleaned up" once we got home.  So here is dad Wes getting a close shave in.  I am so proud of our biggest boy for wanting to raise money for a disease that has touched people in his family. 

 I love the way that Aidan went around the neighbourhood telling people what he was going to do and why....I love that he made a commitment and stayed with it right to the end...I love that Sue and Aidan were able to do this together....I love my boys heart - wonderful job Aidan!  You are sooo loved!


ET @ Titus2:3-5 said...

I love the relationship your family has with Aidan's other family! What a beautiful example you are of how to do family well.