Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Bye Bye :(

Wylie really liked the same stuff as the kids, including Asher's soother and bottle. He would actually jump up on him and nip the soother out of his mouth so he could play with it then he would chew on it.
Here is Wylie checking out the sprinker and having a little drink. This was very cute to watch.

Sharing ice cream with Addison.

A photo of Wylie at the vet last week...what a sweetheart!

Today we say good bye to a family member. Wylie is going to a new home today. We have had him for a month and I am giving up. I don't have it in me to be a good dog owner with little ones. For those of you who thought it and never said anything...thanks...although there were those of you who did say it and yes I will admit you were right. I feel like a bit of a failure. I really care about Wylie...he just isn't getting the attention and love he deserves.

Wylie is going to a good home and if it hadn't been for Ben & Sue saying they would love to have him I couldn't give him up. Ben is Aidan's dad and Sue is his step mom and they live on an acreage and have dogs and have raised dogs so they know the drill and they are EXCITED about getting him....Sue even said she could hardly sleep last night because of her excitement. That makes me happy for Wylie. Also, because he is going to Aidan's dads house, this means that we will still see him, get to know how he is, and most importantly Aidan will still be able to care for him when he is at his dads. Wylie also has a friend there, a puppy named Minnie and they became great friends when Ben & Sue puppy-sat for us when we went to Canmore for the weekend. The puppies even slept together.
So yes, I made a mistake. I bit off more then I can chew...no pun intended.


ET @ Titus2:3-5 said...

Ah, been there, done that. When Braeden was small and Abbey was a bump in my belly. Poor Jake was so neglected. I just couldn't do it. We looked for a good home for months...eventually we turned him over to a dog resuce lady who would train him and sell him to a good home.

You'll never hear and "I told you so" from me. We've all done it. Sometimes it's not a pet, but I've yet to meet one woman who hasn't taken on more than she could handle.