Monday, August 4, 2008


Hey there, I am writing to apologize for my delay in posting more about my WONDERFUL weekend experience with Beth Moore...I will get it on here at some point...just not yesterday (family visiting) and not today. I took Asher and Addison to the doctor today and they have been diagnosed with hand, foot and mouth disease. Not sure why it is called a "disease" because it is really just a virus. But anyways, our two little ones are not feeling well and need extra mommy time and mommy patience. I am starting to feel the effects of a cold coming on I think...Cold FX here I come!! I don`t have time to be sick!!

I decided on the weekend that I am going to start each morning with God and His word. So I did just that this morning. In my study bible I was led to Romans 3 and the main things I took away from this are as follows:

  • GRACE gives people the power to live holy lives
  • GRACE TRANSFORMS - we are made right by grace and by grace we can live right!

As Beth Moore suggested, that is my word to help me enjoy this day. Today I pray for grace of God to be with me in all my actions and that everything I do be pleasing to Him!