Saturday, November 1, 2008


This year we decided to go to Edmonton for Halloween as Aidan was going to be doing stuff with his dad and their family. So we went to spend the day with our niece Rachel and nephew Zachary, oh and Colin and Jen too :) I couldn't resist buying Rachel a little princess costume from Old Navy, especially when I found it was 50% off! She makes the perfect little princess doesn't she??
Asher was definitely a "lion"...we woke him up from a nap to eat supper so we could go out trick or treating when it was still light outside and that didn't make him very happy. It was a huge fight to get his costume on, and Wes had to hold him down so I could paint a little nose and whiskers on him...oh the chaos! Every time Wes took him out of the stroller to the door he screamed as soon as the person opened the door (and they weren't wearing costumes) so we ended up leaving him in the stroller and the older boys, Addison and Zachary ran from house to house as the little ones watched from the stroller on the sidewalk.

The boys were soooo cute in saying their "trick or treat" and "thank yous."

Overall it was a fun time! It was nice to do something a little bit different as I feel bad doing "traditional" things when Aidan isn't home to enjoy them with us. Ben told me that Aidan's "costume/gore" turned out awesome and that he received so many compliments. When he sends me a photo I will post :)


mom on a mission said...

The kids are all so cute! Love the costumes!! It was a bit chaotic here too... but fun nonetheless! The kids had more fun playing with the candy boxes I think!