Sunday, September 28, 2008

Joy joy joy!

Well here I am...this is what I did on Friday evening and Saturday (9am-5pm!!!). Yup, scrapbooking at church with "Scraps of Joy" - an area of our Women's Ministry. It was fun...I worked on Asher's hospital scrapbook and got quite a bit accomplished. I will have to finish it up this week so I can get organized for my next project and this next week away at Scrap Camp (they just so happen to fall 2 weekends in a row that I get to scrapbook...that has NEVER happened before). I am happy to sit on the Scraps of Joy committee, which really just means that I "help out." Our community service project for the Fall is to make some cards and leave them for use within the Women's ministry, so these are the cards I made:

Ooops, not sure what happened to that last card photo, it is all turned around. Anyhoo, I was very excited to make cards again!!! I just love scrapbooking and card-making!

I see that while the cat was away the mouse did play and wrote a little note in my blog. My husband has been home all week because of his injured ankle, so he is becoming like Mr.Mom and he even told me that he ENJOYED writing in the blog today (yes you said that dearie) and could see how I like to do it too :) What a blessed woman I am aren't I??


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