Thursday, January 15, 2009

Snow Much Fun!

Today was a beautiful winter day! I love it when the sun is out...makes the white of the snow look so radiant! After Aidan got home from school today we took a little walk to a nearby park and took the sled on a few runs...some of us sitting...the two older boys standing! Guess who did the standing first? Yup, you guessed oldest boy Wes! Second time down he decided to take the little jump that was on the bottom of the hill and wiped out...gave me a good laugh but with his aging body he will probably be sore or have some sort of bruising tomorrow...haha!! It was so much fun to spend an hour doing something outdoors with my family...I love these times so much! I love capturing the "fun" with my camera too!


mom on a mission said...

That's great! Funny how these boys work... that's exactly what Andrew did when we went sledding a while ago... have you ever stood up? I know I haven't!!!! He wants me to try though- that will probably be broken leg #2!!

BTW... you stole my title!!!! :)

The Beys said...

Great pics Shauna, I love the one of all three of the boys on the sled!!