Sunday, March 29, 2009

Wall of Eternity

Hi again! It has been a while (again) since I have written. To tell you the truth I am having a hard time with this pregnancy....this is not unusual for me...I recognize all these same feelings and experienced them all with the pregnancies of the last 2 boys. I don't remember much of how I felt when I was pregnant with Aidan to compare. Anyways, today is another Sunday! I LOVE Sundays! Sundays revive me! Another great church service this morning, an afternoon filled with a bit of shopping for some "bigger" clothes, supper with my family and finally a meeting of our small group at our home. Everyone in our group was here was so nice. I am going to focus on the positive and not even get into what time I got all the kids to bed as Wes had to go into work for an OT night shift.

So, today the question that has stuck in my mind....are you going to heaven? Is your name written on the Wall of Eternity? Before I became a Christian, I only really thought about God and heaven when someone I knew died...and I really thought I would go to heaven because I was a "pretty good person." Then I started attending church and started reading and learning more about Christianity and have learned that in order to receive Eternal Life one must admit and claim that Jesus died for my sins and that He is Lord. He loves each and every one of us so much that He forgives us when we repent...when we confess to Him what we did wrong. He doesn't hold our past against us. Yes, once we make that choice and claim that Jesus is the King of Kings He starts working in us...the Holy Spirit is available to each of us every moment of every day. That is a pretty incredible thought.

Being a Christian is not easy in this world, that is for sure. But through Him we find the strength to do it. I have experienced this personally over the last few weeks, but only when I seek Him and ask Him. I can't do this on my own, and so many people think they can. So, back to my question...if you aren't going to heaven, if you chose not to believe in Jesus and have a personal relationship with Him...where are you going? And why would you want to go there? There is so much good to be done in this world...if we all just put our thoughts on Him and not on ourselves how would this community, this city or even this world be different? I can't understand why people wouldn't want to look forward to meeting our Maker, to looking forward to going to a place so indescrible once their flesh life is over. In no way does this mean I am "ready" to go to Heaven, but when my time on this Earth is done according to Him...I know I will be in the loving arms of Jesus.

I want to see you there...there is nothing that makes me more sad then thinking of my loved ones dying and not believing that they will be taken care of by Jesus. Consider it....consider where you will go when you die. Please have your name written on the Wall of Eternity.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Hi out there! I have looked at my blog for days now wondering what to write about. There are so many things I could much on my mind these days. Darn near all of it brings me to tears. Yup, I am sooo hormonal.

Sunday I had a most wonderful day! It started out by a great church service. The worship was rockin' and I was happy with it...I like it loud me more freedom to really sing so no one can hear me (terrible tune, but perfect for the one and only Listener). The message was okay...we had a guest speaker and he encouraged us to read the book of Esther later that day in the bible. Every Sunday, I almost dread when church is over....why can't it last longer...why can't we be free of distractions all day? Why does the chaos start again once the doors are opened and we go out to gather our children?

Sunday was a little different this week though. Aidan was at his dads because we did a schedule change to accomodate a sleepover on this end and after church Wes' parents (just back from a 3 month stint in Texam Wycliffe) arrived home the evening prior so they were excited to take Addison out for lunch. Wes had to work day shift that day. When Asher and I were driving home, I this is easy...only one child...we could do anything Ash. But we didn't...we went home and ate lunch then he was ready for his afternoon nap. I was excited to sit down and read Esther. The speaker said it would take 10 minutes to read...ummm...well no it took me a while longer but I enjoyed it all the same. Read the scripture then read the study notes. I have always wanted to do that on a Sunday....expand more on what was talked about earlier that day. So many times I have an afternoon nap. But I did laundry, I "tidied" just like Wes likes it, I had a wonderful afternoon coffee in silence. I made supper AND berry cobbler for dessert. Wes parents and Addison came home around 4:30 and it was nice to visit with them. I love how they love to eat dessert...cause then I have an excuse to make it without looking like I am the only one who wants to eat it :) Aidan came home after supper and gave me such a nice cuddle. He rarely does that anymore. Then I had the energy to put laundry away and change our bedding after the little ones were in bed. I even gave Wes a hand massage before we closed our eyes and went to bed. I gave...and I enjoyed it!

Wow, what a day it was. I can't explain my feelings of purpose and productivity other then I dove into the Word and He gave me the energy to be able to do all that. You may not think that is a lot...but for me lately, it is a lot. Even my husband noticed.

David Wilkerson writes "All true strength comes from drawing near to the Lord. The measure of our strength is proportionate to our nearness to him!” Simply put, the closer we are to Jesus, the stronger we’re going to be. And all the strength we’re ever going to need will come only through our secret life of prayer. If we’ll just draw near to Christ, he will draw near to us, giving us a fresh supply of strength daily. This is the secret of his presence!"

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Watch It!

My husband, my encourager sat me down to watch/listen to this...I tried to put it off but he insisted...I am so very glad I did.

If you have should make time at some point today or tomorrow to listen/watch this YouTube video. There are five little series...go through all of them if you them all, each one offers something new and exciting!

Let me know what you think!

Click here to watch, or watch below.

Monday, March 9, 2009


Yesterday we celebrated Addison's 3rd birthday! He has been asking for an "Incredibles" cake for months now...but I couldn't find an Incredibles cake pan anywhere but I did find these cupcake picks on E-Bay as well as some Incredibles balloons...not to mention some Incredibles figures for Addison's gift. He is so into "guys" right he was thrilled with these figures. He has been playing non-stop today with the wonderful gifts he received yesterday...even doing pretty well on the little scooter too! Not sure how long we will let him ride it around in the house but for today it is ok....maybe even tomorrow too since it is his real birth "date" on Tuesday. He has a little competition though...Asher seems to think he should ride on it too...and I have even seen Aidan take it for a spin around the kitchen.

Thank you to all the people who could come and celebrate with us! Oh ya, I have to tell you that I have the most wonderful husband in the world...he did so much to get everything prepared for the party and has been super supportive these last few days...he even did all the laundry (so I have no laundry to do today..yah!!!). I am so glad he is mine :)

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Some News...

So...2 weeks ago we found out some news:

We were surprised to say the least. The last few months we have been thinking about whether or not our family should grow...well maybe me more then Wes. I was kind of in a place where I needed something...I began seriously looking into starting a photography business and was more and more excited about this as the days went on. Wes was on board with the business but he was excited about a route he was taking himself with buying a boat, booking us a house on the Shushwap in the summer, and things like that.

We didn't go to church in 2 weeks. We both got sick. We didn't meet with our small group for 2 weeks. We weren't consulting God in the major decisions we were making. There was definitely a wedge between Wes and I as he was so excited about "his dream boat" and I was so not excited about the boat.

Then...I counted the days on the calendar...hmmm...35 days. Positive pregnancy test. Didn't know how to tell Wes...I was a little excited and a little scared. When he went to tuck Aidan into bed, I sent a text message to his phone. When he came upstairs, he heard his phone beeping so he went to check it. I sat at the kitchen table and took the photo of his reaction after reading the text.

It was a rough night. We both were being consumed by other things, driven by other things...and here I could do nothing but believe that this was God's work. He was bringing us back to him with a blessing. How loving a Father is that?? When our children aren't behaving and following what we think they should do, or listening, or making major decisions before consulting us...would we bless them instead of disciplining them? God could discipline us....but He didn't. He blessed us with another pregnancy. Wow!

God knows how our past pregnancies have gone...3 premature births. We need Him more then anything with this pregnancy. I am fully trusting Him to see a miracle in what he has created. I will post more on this later...thought the whole pregnancy idea might be enough for you to deal with for today :) It has been 2 weeks since we have known and I still am not used to it.

Wondering how my body just seemed to jump back into pregnant form already?? The baby is the size of a bean and my belly looks like I am 5 months pregnant?????