Sunday, April 19, 2009

Mini Album

Hi there...I did a little workshop for our church ladies scrapbooking group yesterday titled "Faithbooking." Doing this little project really opened my eyes into how I can, and should, incorporate God's work/word into our albums to be passed on for generations. We already want to share our memories with others, why wouldn't we want to share our faith at the same time?? So, here are some pics of the mini album I made. I could add pages and pages to this book as there are so many gifts from God that I receive. In hindsight, I think I would have done a bigger album so I would be able to write more about each "gift."


Anonymous said...

Shauna... I love this! It is amazing! Beautiful job... :)
(ps thanks for including me as one of your gifts... :)
Love you!

Allison Orthner said...

LOVE LOVE this "Gifts from God" book... what a beautiful way to remember your blessings!!
Allison Orthner