Saturday, April 18, 2009

So Proud...

Today our oldest boy had a taekwondo tournament here in Red Deer at another school. He did so well! He won his first two sparring matches and really dominated his opponents. The way the tournament ran they had him have a third fight for the gold medal, and Aidan fought against the guy he fought the first time and beat. Aidan started the match off with full aggressive going after the other guy kick after kick, the other kid must have felt overwhelmed as he started crying as he was trying to retaliate (which we saw a lot of starting to cry when one of the kids seems to come at them full force.)So, there was a little bit of an "incident" during the match where the other coach took it upon herself to stop the match and actually tell Aidan, in front of everyone, that he was kicking too high and that he needed to lower his kicks. This was so inappropriate for a coach to do, as there is a referee in the ring and that is his job. I totally saw Aidan's spirit get crushed before my eyes. What is a mom to do? So, I jumped I didn't...I am kidding. (She has a black belt in taekwondo and I am carrying a little peach in my belly so I sat back and continue to snap away with my camera). I was soooo ticked...I don't remember being that upset in a long time. So, after that incident Aidan ended up losing the match...I don't know how the match would have turned out in the end had that coach kept her opinions to herself, but I do know that Aidan was crushed. I could see it in his eyes as he walked off the mats and he did those fast long blinks so that he won't cry. What is a mom to do? So, he ended up getting a silver medal and we are so very proud of him! He really loves taekwondo and is improving more and more all the time. It is nice that he had the opportunity to spar against some kids other then the same ones in his school which he sees every week.

Please pray for Aidan as on Tuesday he gets tested for his next belt...and this is a big deal for him as he has been practicing and working so hard for months for and pictures to follow :)

I thank God for Aidan everyday and his gentle and sensitive heart.


ET @ Titus2:3-5 said...

You did the very right thing, Mommy! It is so hard to not jump in and defend our kids when they are being treated unfairly, but eventually they do need to learn how to deal with unfair situations without us coming to thier rescue. Looks like Aidan did great and had fun (overall). Great job, dude!

Anonymous said...

Wow! That's awesome Aidan! Now it has Shaun thinking too... (how did he get the medal etc!!) It is awesome to see our kids get older and do things for us to be so proud!!!
He will be great on Tuesday!