Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Well I have been waking up in amazement the last two mornings. Why? Because our three year old, who we were having major issues with his sleeping, has now decided that he is not going to cry/scream and is going to stay in his "big bed" all night long. It was a little bit of a process for sure (God gave me some amazing amounts of patience for this), but the last 2 nights he did not even come into our room. His bedroom light was on this morning when we woke up, which makes me think that he woke during the night, got up and turned his light on and then went back to his bed all by himself. Way to go Addison!! This has made the whole bedtime experience fun...we came up with a routine and we do the exact same thing every night...pee on the toilet, 1 story in bed, prayers, hug, kiss, reinforce light will stay on and door will stay open, and he is good to go. He will often ask me what I will do downstairs, and I usually say "laundry." So, last night he hollers out to me as I was walking down the hall..."go fold the laundry mom." Haha...what a little character he is. Thank you to all who gave us advice on how to deal with this situation.

Tyler, you might want to start contracting your parenting services out :) See her blog (Titus2:3-5) and how she lives her life with 5 kids...yes you heard me 5 KIDS! (And I know Tyler you showed me how to post a link and I can't remember because I haven't done it since you showed me....uggh!)


ET @ Titus2:3-5 said...

Aw, shucks. I only have any advice to offer b/c I've done what doesn't work over and over again.

Yay, Addison! I am so proud of you. What a big boy. :)

Shauna, you can call me if you want me to talk you through posting a link. I'm just hanging here this morning - doing laundry, lol.

mom on a mission said...

That's awesome Shauna! It is funny that once they get something in their minds they act like it was never an issue... but we love them just the same!!

I'm so happy to hear that bedtime is a fun time again... now if we can only get there at our house... you sure you want a girl?!?!? haha

Talk real soon!