Monday, July 25, 2011

All Our Imperfection...

This is us last Sunday at the park.  We met our Lifegroup down at Kin Kanyon and ate smores, sang worship songs and attempted to have some Godly discussion and catch up with each other and our lives and prayer requests.  I say "attempted" as there was some distraction with our kiddies...or mine in particular.  Asher crying because he couldn't "win" while racing another friend he made at the playground and our sweet little Abigail running around and climbing everything in site like the little wild woman that she is.

While I was watching the kids playing I saw this above...Asher's shorts on backwards.  He has been priding himself on getting himself dressed lately.  The thing is...I don't know when this even happened.  Had he been walking around all day with his shorts on like this?  Oh, he gives me a giggle sometimes!

And here is our Abigail on the swings.  Do you see her hair?  She pulled out her pony when we were driving to the park and her hair was an absolute mess....way too long, hanging in her face....something that would have drove. me. crazy. if my hair was hitting my face and hanging over my eyes.  Nope not this girl...did not slow her down a bit.  This hair-do caused me stress in being so messy...I like my kids to have neat hair...pretty hair especially for my girl. sharing with you these 2 photos this is what I am learning as a mom and follower of Christ.....

  • just because something bothers me doesn't mean it will bother someone else
  • shorts on backwards is OK if it promotes a persons independence and self-worth
  • all our imperfections don't make us who we are....and God sees us each as a wonderful and unique creation that He has fearfully and wonderfully made
  • we are to be celebrated for who we are...we will not be compared to others by the One True Judge
  • the heart of worship is surrendering your life AS IT IS to God...
  • God has given us each gifts and abilities to be utilized for His kingdom, don't you want to hear "Well done good and faithful servant!  You have been faithful with a few things;  I will put you in charge of many things.  Come and share your master's happiness."  (Matthew 25:21)  I sure do!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Summer time FUN!

Yesterday was a gorgeous day...I think it was around +27 so the morning was devoted to water fun with the kids.  We put the sprinkler under the trampoline for the first time this season and then they wanted to run through the sprinkler alone.  Addison was interested in playing army men, but I couldn't get Asher and Abigail away from the water!  Lots of giggles were had by all!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Canada Day

Hallo...nice to see you again.  Yes this is the second post in 2 days.  Yes I am going to tell you about our Canada Day that we celebrated 14 days ago...why?  Because for some reason I am loooovin' on this holiday.  I love to get the kids matching/coordinating t-shirts, have a picnic or bbq, hang out with family and friends and just plain enjoy the day.  Another bonus is that my husband doesn't have to work (much) so I loooove having him home and able to enjoy some family time.

I baked some Coconut Chocolate Muffins from the Taste Of Home cookbook...they were scrumptious.  Next time I make them I will bake them in parchment paper liners so they don't stick....I was pretty darn excited to use my Canadian cupcake liners though....

Jen, Colin and the kiddies stopped in for a morning visit on their way to enjoy their summer vacation in BC.  We loved having them over enjoying a coffee and muffin on the back deck and watching the kiddies play.  This set of cousins is very close in age to our kids and it is so fun to see each of their different personalities as they grow :)

Trampoline fun before our lunch guests arrive and Abigail goes down for her nap...

Hot dogs, smokies, chili, spinach salad, strawberries and more cupcakes...I made my very first chili-dog.  I think I prefer the 2 separate.  Chili.  Hot dog.  Although we did bring out some nacho chips to eat with our chili and that tasted F-I-N-E.  (I am getting hungry writing about this...)

Yes these are 2 grown men jumping on the trampoline...remember the days of "double bouncing" your friend??

Kids playing in the playing Star-Wars...

Duane brought his guitar over and the guys belted out a few tunes.  Even had some Extreme in you remember the song "More Then Words??"  My husband knows how to play that song on the guitar...and that is the only song I have ever heard him play...he is sooo cute in the most manly way possible ;)  Ginette and her kiddies came down from Calgary for a visit, as well as our wonderful friends Chad, Emma & Isaiah and Duane, Jilene, Eavan & brand spankin' new baby Elias.

Around supper time Wes, Ginette and I took our troops on the city bus to Bower Ponds and walked around there for a bit.  It was very busy with the celebration and we didn't even want the kids to play at the park there as there was seriously kids everywhere you looked.  So we sat on the grass and had a bite to eat and then headed back on the city bus home to eat ice cream with sprinkles on top :)  A very nice day with family and friends!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

For Today...

Outside my window...the sun is setting and I hear the faint sound of vehicles driving somewhere in the city...our neighbourhood seems very still at this hour of 10pm

I am thinking...that my contacts are irritating my eyes...that I have laundry to put away spread out all over the couch downstairs before the kids wake up in the morning and wreck my organized piles of clean clothes...about how Aidan likes to procrastinate when he is supposed to be going to bed - he was just sitting and slowly examining every single page in our family Project Life book

I am thankful husband taking the day off of work today and hanging out with us - we went swimming to the pool, he cut the grass and Mama Gies had an afternoon nap, Wes and Aidan played "Ticket to Ride" game with me this evening (and pretended to be having fun) and he is now tucking our oldest boy into bed as Aidan sucks him into his bed-time procrastination asking him questions of all husband rocks!

From the kitchen...I want to try a new strawberry rhubarb muffin recipe I printed from the internet...need more rhubarb recipes as it is growing huge in the yard - LOVE it!

I am wearing...jeans, black tank top, flip flops, Stella & Dot earrings, and new necklace my mom bought for me at the Farmers Market for my birthday coming up...

I am creating...working on my Project Life but a bit discouraged at the moment as my computer won't let me open Photoshop Elements so I am not able to use my "brushes" for my Ali Edwards dates to place on the photos...still can print photos without it, just haven't uploaded the photos to Costco online yet

I am hang out with a dear friend tomorrow morning and her 2 boys, praying our time together is full of God's peace and love - our last visit was full of children who weren't able to get a long well and needed super lots of attention which took away from our "girl time" to chat...tomorrow will be better!!  Shop for 2 little girl birthday presents tomorrow and trust that Aidan can help me pick out something his sisters will an assistant photographer for Loni on Saturday at a wedding she is tuck my husband into bed before I go and eat a bowl of cereal (he has been up since 5am as he went out for breakfast with the guys today)

I am reading... my bible, Gospel-Powered Parenting

I am husband's day goes smoothly tomorrow and that he is able to enjoy the golf tournament and have fun

I am hearing...that Wes just turned the TV on in our room and I picture him crawling into bed - he can fall asleep with the TV on, I can't..."No Sweeter Name" song in my head - oh how I looove that song!!

Around the house...put laundry away, definitely clean bathrooms tomorrow (been putting them off for a couple days now), and do some baking...

One of my favorite things....the smell of the Tim Hortons coffee grounds when I open up the can for the first time - it smells up the whole kitchen for a few minutes...

A few plans for the rest of the week...visit with Jen on Friday, Ginette on Sunday, celebrate Dad G's birthday, go to Myah's birthday party, shoot wedding, see my parents because my dad is home from working in Fort Mac, church, Life Group, birthday present shop....busy busy busy

A photo for today...

Yesterday Addison came running into the house telling us he can ride a 2-wheeler...him and his friend were riding bikes in the front and we assumed he was riding his bike with his training wheels.  Wes had tried in the Spring to encourage him to ride his bike without training wheels but he always refused, he did try a couple times to please dad by doing it but always ended up in a lot of tears.  As parents we had a talk about expectations/pressures we can place on our kids to do certain things on our schedules/in our time,  and we both decided that we wouldn't bring up the issue of the training wheels any more.  (Asher is still riding a tricycle around the block...)  So as his "Hot Wheels" bike sat in the garage from last year without training wheels attached this is now the chosen bike over the past 2 days.  Addison and his friend Cooper from down the road are cruising up and down the close going up and down neighbours drive-ways.  Only 1 crash into the back of dad's truck yesterday and one little crash-up and scrape today but he is doing so well!!  You are awesome Addison - way to go!!  It is so cool to see what our kids come up with when we take a step back...lovin' it!!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Proud Mama Moment...

 Here is our biggest boy Aidan with his other mom Suzanne.  On June 18 both of them shaved their hair off for Women's Cancer.  Sue has raised money for this event before, and this is Aidan's first year with joining in with her to raise money to find a cure.  Aidan raised a total of $640 which contributed to the Shoppers Drug Mart (where Sue works) team total donation to over $4000 for this event alone.  Awesome!
 Aidan's dad Ben had the honors of shaving the dome...he knows something about it if you get a good look at his hairstyle ;)  

 Aidan's hair all over the stage floor.  Sue donated her hair to the Locks of Love foundation which is an awesome many good organizations out there willing to help...I love it!  I love the people too that are selflessly contributing to such places...way to go guys and gals!!
 I love this photo as Sue and Aidan see each other for the first time hairless, both of them feeling for what used to be there...what a great bonding opportunity for the two of them!  
Because just a "quick shave" was done at the event in Olds, Aidan asked to have his head "cleaned up" once we got home.  So here is dad Wes getting a close shave in.  I am so proud of our biggest boy for wanting to raise money for a disease that has touched people in his family. 

 I love the way that Aidan went around the neighbourhood telling people what he was going to do and why....I love that he made a commitment and stayed with it right to the end...I love that Sue and Aidan were able to do this together....I love my boys heart - wonderful job Aidan!  You are sooo loved!