Thursday, February 19, 2009


Well, lately my little Wild Child has been sooo easy to photograph. He gets excited when I tell him we are "getting ready" to take some pictures. I am thankful that at least one of my kids will pose for me. Asher is out of the question for any type of "sit still for 10 seconds or more" but I remember a time around this time last year that Addison was the same way so that gives me hope. I asked Aidan the other day if I could take some photos of him to build a portfolio and he did say "yes" so I have to get on that.

This weekend is the start of some Saturday photography classes for me and I am also taking a couple's engagement photos which I am excited about too! Here is a couple photos of my "little photographer"...if only he knew where to put his eye...well I will give him a little slack, he isn't even 3 yet :)


mom on a mission said...

SO Sweet Shauna!!! Maybe you have an assistant in the making... :) I bet he could get other little kids to smile for you!!!
call me... wink wink!!