Friday, February 6, 2009

Big Boys Hit the Mountains

Well here I am reporting to you on my oldest boys adventure to Sunshine Village yesterday. Aidan had no school yesterday and today so Wes and Aidan headed up to the mountains to try out a little snowboarding. Wes took Aidan last year to the hill here in RD and he really liked it so Wes was excited to take him to the mountains. Well Wes said the morning was trying as Aidan had a hard time with the snowboard so in the afternoon they traded in the snowboard for skiis and had an awesome afternoon!! I keep thinking if Aidan can do it, I can do it!! It is funny how a 9 year old motivates me to try new things that are a little out of my "adventure zone." So, in April the 3 of us might give it a whirl! Look at my wonderful oldest boys...