Sunday, February 15, 2009


Valentines Day 2009

No time for romance...Wes was sick with bronchitis and spent most of the day in bed.

I taught my first workshop on "Taking Better Photos" for a group of scrapbookers. I was nervous and talked so fast sometimes I had to stop talking so I could breathe. Thank God the ladies were able to laugh.

We made homemade heart pizza at my moms. It was fun...well for me...and Addison liked "decorating" his pizza too and actually "decorated" one for Asher too. After Aidan ate his he decided he wasn't such a good pizza "decorater"...maybe because his pizza consisted mainly of jalepenos and tomatoes?

I did a little photo session with Addison with a heart chocolate he got from Grandma Barb. Chocolate, white shirt...what was I thinking??

Wes bought me a fantastic gift...a light kit for photograpy. Not sure what to do with any of it but I guess those photography classes coming up will help me with that!

We gave the boys their little love gifts today (on Sunday) because there was too much going on yesterday. The little guys had fun playing with their Thomas trains and Aidan got right into his "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" book. I love it when they get excited about things we think they might like!

Now, as my throat is super sore today I am praying it isn't strept throat which it feels like. Wes is at the doctor right now and our house if filled with sickness. Yuck. I hope we can all feel better to do something fun tomorrow for Family Day.


mom on a mission said...

Great photos Shauna!! I was going to make heart pizza's too.. but Andy volunteered to cook, so I didn't turn him down.. :) Hope you all feel better soon!

The Beys said...

The heart pizza's are really cute and the picture of Addison with his chocolate is amazing:) Sorry to hear you're all sick!!

Barb said...

your photos are sooooo cute...the the one with the chocolate heart...he is so adorable.
I hope you are all feeling better soon....
hey you should put your photograghy advice on here since I couldn't make it to the thing at the church...I would love any advice I can get....