Monday, February 16, 2009

Theatre Experience

Well, being that it is Family Day and all I thought it might be fun to try to go to the movie at the theatre. I was flying solo as Wes was heading to a night shift tonight and wanted a little relaxation time before heading out for the 14 hour stint. We dropped Asher off at my parents (oh my you should hear him scream lately...another blog entry entirely) and then Aidan, Addison and I went to Park Plaza theatre to watch "Hotel For Dogs." This was Addison's first time in a theatre and he was pretty excited...especially for popcorn. Well of course I had to bring my camera to capture this "first."

What was the first movie you watched in a theatre? Mine was Gremlins...I went with my dad, my uncle and my cousin.

So, all worked out alright overall. Addison did pee in his pants while we waited in line for the concession. I think he was way too excited playing with all the toy guns that are attached to the video games and I saw him do the "stance" and I knew it was too late. So, he sat with wet pants and underwear through the movie but didn't appear too uncomfortable as he gobbled handfuls of popcorn. I have learned maybe I should carry an extra pair of pants and undies with me from now on...not sure what I was thinking...he had been doing so good with only undies (no Pull-Up) when we have gone out that I thought this may be one of those times. Well, live and learn. We ended up making 3 more trips to the potty through the movie. Addison did watch most of the movie but got a little antsy in his seat near the end. Aidan of course, is always a gem at the all I have to worry about with him is what he watches...he sees a "G" rating and usually will refuse to watch it. He is all about the "PG"...why does he want to see that stuff and grow up so fast? I like him watching movies about kids who save a bunch of dogs and do good in the world. *Sigh*


mom on a mission said...

Great idea Shauna! Love the photos of the boys!!

ET @ Titus2:3-5 said...

I have learned that if you are always prepared for that accident, it never happens. But the ONE TIME you're not prepared... LOL!

We went to that movie recently, too. I was unhappy with the fact that all the teenagers in the movie kept using the Lord's name in vain ("Oh my G..."). How is it that this is considered "for general audiences?" Totally should've been PG for that alone! Grrrr.... Other than that unfortunate aspect, though, a pretty good "feel good" movie, eh?