Saturday, November 15, 2008

Behind Bars

Well it has been an exciting week over at our household. Asher ended up in the hospital on Wednesday with broncholitis. I don't know if I spelt that correctly...but that is what he had. If you are wondering what that is an infection of the bronchioles, the tiny air tubes in the lungs. It differs from bronchitis which is "just" an inflammation of the bronchi. So this ended our littlest guy in the hospital for 3 nights. The first night was by far the worst, with him being so tired and sick. He needed supplemental oxygen so they had to put nasal prongs on him, which he HATED. Poor little Ash went through so much that first night...not to mention Mom. Daddy took the next 2 night shifts and Ash progressively got better. We are so thankful for good health care and a few really kind hearted nurses, which can either "make or break" your hospital experience.

Here is our dearest Asher with his favoritest toy...his bed time bunny! He seemed so happy to have him in the hospital with him...carrying him around with him all around when he was freed from the oxygen tubes.


mom on a mission said...

So happy to hear he is feeling better! That is the cutest picture with his bunny.... Hope he continues to improve and get over this one!